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No contact from sales firms - (think about the competitors that pillage your postings and your attempts to recruit doctors; those are sales firm lead sheets, stop the nonsense). Metropolis has enough providers to go around. Become a user today and be first, be the smartest and enjoy a whole new way of tackling and tracking providers.

Metropolis has a built-in intelligence algorithm that enables it to make optimal decisions for matching providers. Metropolis understands data very well because it uses a customized model to make predictions built specifically for this application, by a data science team. This advantageous model allows Metropolis to navigate a corpus of healthcare data while geo-tagging “best predicted” doctors for both doctors and employers.

Does Metropolis have an unfair advantage? Yes. It works around the clock with providers that are continually on-boarding themselves as candidates interested in metropolitan locations only, the feedback from most doctors tell us that they are tired of the bait-and-switch routines that have become all too standard. Metropolis wants to be trained by noticing your provider candidate likes and dislikes. Metropolis learns from provider feedback indicators and from the answers you provide over time as a Metropolis user. This part is the most important because the information we collect allows Metropolis to make better future decisions for your unique candidate pool.